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Imposters, unlike Crewmates, can travel significantly quicker over the area by hopping in and out of vents—the little, grey grills on the floor. You can hide in them while deciding which room to visit next, but your sabotage and kill cooldowns will be disabled while you're out of sight. It's recommended waiting a few seconds before darting out of a vent to check whether Crewmates are nearby—you don't want to emerge in front of them and give yourself away.

Advanced Strategies For Winning Among Us As An Impostor


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When you destroy the O2 in The Skeld, for example, you know your crewmates would hurry there. However, others will disregard the alert and continue working on their jobs on the other side, knowing that other crew members would address it. You can stand back from the sabotage in the hope that someone unprotected will pass by.

Do the common task first.

If players pretend to execute the various jobs assigned to them, they may easily escape with murder accusations and deceive their crewmates. It raises the likelihood of acquiring the trust of the crew members. As a result, during a conversation or an emergency meeting, players cover up for imposters. Imposters can exploit these crewmates to show their innocence.

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Being an impostor necessitates avoiding all forms of suspicion. Do not vote unless there is substantial evidence against the player you wish to get rid of. Voting differently than your fellow crew members is the quickest way to raise eyebrows, which you do not want, therefore always vote with the group.

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Common chores may be quite beneficial in determining the impostor because no one else has a common task if you don't. If you observe someone executing a frequent duty that you don't have, it's a dead giveaway that the crewmate is an impostor.

The first trick is to stick together as a group.

Strange conduct does not always indicate the presence of an impostor, but it is worth noting.

Crewmate Hints & Tips

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Skeld's map (Image credit: Innersloth)

Certain Cameras Should Be Avoided

Polus Specimen Room Among Us

Consider performing the chores that you know will take more time first, when you have the most opportunity to be among a large number of people.

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5th Trick: Use visual chores to authenticate real Crewmates and show your innocence.

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Make use of the crowd.

Imposter Among Us

As you wander around the station, keep an eye out for what others are up to. For example, if you notice three other players on their way to Admin on The Skeld and then a body is discovered nearby, you can alert the rest of the squad. Similarly, if you're playing as an Imposter, knowing where others are on the map can help you stay concealed and may even help you frame someone else for your heinous crimes.

Crewmates are frequently unaware of this. If they are more experienced, they will strive to organize an emergency meeting as quickly as possible to prevent the Impostor from carrying out their ultimate murder. The easiest method to solve this situation is to start sabotaging right away. Crewmates are unable to call an emergency meeting during a sabotage and are obliged to head over to a certain location. All you have to do is sit back and wait for them to meet their end.

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To win the game, the imposters must act like the crew and avoid raising any suspicions. Being a good crewmate demands being alert and communicative.


Advanced Tips And Tricks For Winning Among Us As A Crewmate

(261).png is a screenshot.

After a body is discovered, there is typically little time to debate the Impostor, therefore try to shift the suspicion elsewhere. Don't be too blatant (for example, don't state you saw them murder when they clearly didn't), but attempt to disturb the equilibrium.

Being caught by a crewmate after a kill is the quickest way to seem suspicious. They will most likely report the corpse, convene a meeting of all crew members, and accuse the Impostor of being an Impostor. The most likely reaction that player will have is to blame their accuser in order to put doubt on their tale. This may appear to work, and it may even get the accuser kicked out of the airlock. It will, however, paint a clear bullseye on the Impostor's back, since it will be obvious to all other crewmates that one person lied. Even with Confirm Ejects off, the crewmates will most likely expel both accusers just to be safe.

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How Do You Play Among Us?

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We've also got you covered if you want to know the fundamentals of how to play Among Us, as well as the optimum settings for Among Us.

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Understand where duties take happen. This is the most crucial aspect of being a convincing "crewmate" as the Imposter! Pretend to complete activities (while allowing others to observe you) by standing by and waiting. The game even provides you with bogus ones so you don't repeat anybody else's chores.

In Among Us, a player is chosen as the Imposter.

If you receive a common duty, such as 'Insert Keys' on Polus or 'Swipe Card' on Polus and Skeld, it is shared by everyone else. That also implies that if you don't have a shared task, no one else does. In other words, knowing the locations of typical chores is beneficial. Do you witness someone 'finishing' a common task that you lack? Another forgery!

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Mechanics of Tasks

If you are not cautious, a crew member watching the cameras may observe you stab or kill someone. If you observe a blinking red light, be aware that you are being watched. Although cameras are not a major issue, you may easily visit the security room to find out who has been monitoring. You may even pretend to be a crew member by viewing the cameras. It might assist you in gaining the trust of your other crew members.

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Crewmembers tend to forget all too frequently that Imposters may use vents. Be wary of words such as "Blue didn't do it since I saw him in that room." If you're serious about winning the game, you need figure out how the vents are linked. You will get the ability to demolish countless alibis.

MedBay Is A Crucial Task To Have

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When at least four players are standing in the same area and one of them is stabbed to death, determining who the culprit was becomes extremely difficult. As an impostor, you should take advantage of this.

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This is required to find the quickest way to execute tasks and to respond to sabotage. Fortunately, we have a detailed breakdown of work on The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Porus.

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