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You'll have distinct Crewmate alibis if you operate independently, but you can vouch for each other if your stories are credible. When there are few Crewmates remaining at the conclusion of the game, or when they are near to completing all assignments, joining up with the other Imposter can rapidly terminate the game. Choosing a sabotage that helps both of you, like as turning off the lights, might result in a double death. This guarantees you're making the most of your cooldown time.

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The Rewind Tapes task in Security might be difficult to secure. Hold down the fast forward or backward buttons (the double arrows on the far right or far left sides of the tape deck) until you're close to the desired number (represented by a sticky note in the center of the tape). After you've closed it, press the relevant direction to gradually tick down/up until you obtain it.

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Among Us is also one of our favorite laptop games for playing with pals on a low-spec PC.

Crewmates do have the advantage in Among Us, but it can be incredibly difficult for them to win. There are three reasoning tools crewmates can use to win more often, if not every time. Those are Deduction, Abduction, and Induction.

7. Multi-kill Vent

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Tips for Imposters Among Us

To win the game as a detective crew member, follow these tips:

Standing near vents for no apparent reason

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Do not rely on others to repair a sabotage. If all of your Crewmates have the same outlook, you will undoubtedly lose the game. Of course, as the player count decreases, the risk of no one fixing the sabotage increases. If you must skip, do so early in the game. Also, bear in mind that sabotage might be used to set up traps, so attempt to travel in groups.

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Among Us is a multiplayer game for parties of four to ten individuals. The majority of the players are Crewmates, while 1 to 3 are Imposters (depending on the game parameters and player count). The Crewmates must identify the Imposters and vote them out, while the Imposters attempt to sabotage and murder as many Crewmates as possible - until the numbers are so low that the Imposters cannot be voted out.

Polus Admin Table Among Us

It is critical to eliminate immune players as soon as possible. Don't waste time killing other Crewmates first; doing so will simply raise your chances of being the lead suspect. But don't be too daring: if you're up against experienced Crewmates, they may be watching the immune player to see whether the Impostor appears. To isolate the immune player, use sabotage.

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Check Crewmate Locations Using the Admin Table

(371).png is a screenshot.

Abduction is a principle of logical reasoning that combines unconfirmable and confirmed information to get to an answer. This is a strong way to determine who the Impostor is, but it can also be flawed if the Impostor is especially good at framing. Abduction happens when two players are found near a dead body and are accusing one another of being the Impostor. If Red dies and Yellow and Cyan are nearby, the crewmates will reasonably assume one of them is responsible. If Yellow is then killed the next round, crewmates are likely to assume Cyan is responsible, even though an Impostor might be framing Cyan. Crewmates may use this reasoning because they perceive the benefit of possibly kicking out the Impostor outweighs the cost of inadvertently booting an innocent crewmate.

Among Us is a murder mystery puzzler in which you work together as a group to fulfill fundamental chores aboard a spacecraft. None of these chores are especially tough - though card swiping may be tedious - but they are impeded by the presence of a 'Impostor' - or 'Imposter' depending on who you're speaking with. Each game will feature one to three Impostors, with a total crew of up to 10.

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9. Keep track of the figures.

Make a strategy and organize a crowd kill because it might be difficult to separate a crewmate for killing. When the crewmates are gathered in an area and completing their chores in the dark, you may pretend to be adjusting the lights and easily stab them with a knife, and the death will be recorded instantaneously. Due to the large number of crew members present, no one will be able to determine who was the impostor. Don't misuse this method to avoid suspicion.


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Inability to define properly what tasks they were working on throughout a round

On rare occasions, a crewmate will blame the wrong person. When this occurs, you should double down on your efforts to get them out. You may even band up and accuse with many Impostors.

Trick 3: Take use of the vents.

Turning down the lights, destroying the Reactor, and locking doors are just a few tactics to slow down the Crewmates and plan a death. After carrying out a sabotage event, there is a cooldown period, so plan ahead and consider how you might target players and then flee fast. Killing near vents allows you to escape, but consider keeping a Crewmate in the room with you to prevent them from leaving or someone else from coming and watching the attack.

(372).png is a screenshot.

If an imposter can deceive another crewmate into following them inside the Dropship, murdering them there may result in the crewmates never discovering them because they will not check there. However, crew members should constantly keep an eye on this chamber in case someone is shown to be very ill.

Areas that are brilliant blue can be navigated, but areas that are faded or greyed-out are inaccessible. This is vital to prevent becoming imprisoned, such as assuming you can sprint directly from the Showers to the Cargo Bay.


If you want to win the game, you need be aware that imposters can exploit the vents. The vents are linked.


Complete your assignments.

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(376.png) screenshot

As if you were a Crewmate, you may talk, vote, and accuse. Be as truthful as possible about your personal location, and avoid becoming overly confrontational. If you start shouting "it's blue! it's blue!" "If you don't have a strong cause, others will look at you suspiciously." Even if your early game aggression results in the eviction of another player, you will have attracted attention to yourself and will most likely be the next to go.

It's critical to undermine as an impostor in Among Us. Players should make good use of this capability. After murdering a player, they can sabotage the site by clicking on the sabotage map. This shifts the position to the other side of the killing zone. The goal here is to deflect attention away from the dead corpse and extend the time it takes to locate it. If employed correctly and at the right time, this strategy can assist an impostor in safely escaping.

Among Us hints

Keep an eye on your sight lines.

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Did you know that if you find a dead person standing up, it indicates that the death was recent? If you just passed someone before discovering the body, they'll need a very excellent justification to go through the vote.


This is in contrast to The Skeld, where doors will automatically open after a brief length of time. When an imposter murders someone in a room with a door, this is the greatest time to utilize it. They seal it and vent, keeping players outdoors until the doors are manually opened.


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(274).png - Screenshot

Distrusted Crewmates in Among Us


Due to the inability to fake some visual activities, when a Crewmate completes these visual chores in front of others, they are completely evident. If you are the Impostor, you have a choice: if they accuse you, you will lose the game. To put it another way, you must eliminate immune players as quickly as feasible.

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