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"It's shameless that there are such dirty people as you in the world. I saw all the ugly faces just now." The little golden ant is angry. Ha ha, I almost forgot. It's a bit negligent for you not to open your mouth. The old man's smile was a little cold. Staring at the ant on Shi Hao's shoulder, he said, "What a rare race! It's legendary. It's known as one of the strongest bloodlines. It's so powerful that people yearn for it.". If I get you, it will be better than anything else. In the future, my royal family will have a horned ant, which can provide precious blood from time to time. Many super people will emerge from the younger generation. When he heard such greedy words, the little horned ant was so angry that he was really angry. This man was so shameful that he could say such shameless words. Old and immortal, you dream! I really doubt that the reason why the world was destroyed in the last year of the ancient world war was that you people played a role. Greed can definitely make you do anything disgusting. The little golden ant said bitterly. It's too simple. These topics are not suitable for you. Instead of talking to him, the old man looked at Shi Hao and said, "You were the first one to come out of the Xianfu under the Tianshen Academy. You hurried to Beihai. It must be because there is something more important here. Hand it over." At this moment, he did not need any cover, his tone was cold, his expression was cold, and there was no doubt that he forced Shi Hao to hand over everything he got! "Get out!" Shi Hao only has such a word, because he really feels that this kind of person is too dirty and shameful, in vain for this world of life, this family has rotted from the root. It can be said that such a terrible long-lived family does not deserve to have brilliance, they are the most terrible cancer. I really can't understand why the Great Elders and others don't unite to destroy a family like yours! Shi Hao is holding his breath. I said, this is not a black and white world, black and white is more gray, people color is too crisp, the whole world can not tolerate. The old man said lightly,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, with a tone of a lesson: "In fact, you think too much, my clan did not join hands with the foreign land, when the top of the sky is to negotiate some conditions." According to what he said, the Wangs have not crossed that line! Shi Hao has heard that in those days, some long-lived families did not help each other and signed an immortal contract. In the past, the Wang family may have been such an ethnic group. Enough, I don't want to see your face again! Shi Hao said in a cold voice. Little son, you still put on a show with me,Prison toilet for sale, hand over what you have got, otherwise I will let you live and die! At this time, the old man fell out and lost patience. It should have been so long ago. Why should I be polite to him? I would like to put my foot on his face and see what he looks like when he crawls on the ground. Wang Manglong said that when he was in Tianshen Academy, his chin was broken by Shi Hao's slap, and he hated each other. This time in order to kill this scourge, he may die because of this, doomed to no good end, naturally extremely resentful. The old man looked cold and pushed forward, but he was also cautious, not worried about Shi Hao's strength, but afraid that he would be too strong and destroy what he had gained. If the supreme scriptures, or ancient Taoist books, those things are likely to disappear completely with the self-explosion of this teenager, then the loss outweighs the gain. So, from the beginning to now, he has been talking to Shi Hao, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Flush Retrofit Kit, trying to stabilize him first. In the dark, he was already casting a spell, the void was blurred, dim, the mist was transpiring, and this place outside the territory was imprisoned! "Oh, young man, in fact, you can die with dignity, hand over things, I will not torture you." The old man smiled and said that everything was under control. You know what I got? Immortal Sutra! Shi Hao is very direct, saying the name of such a scripture! Knock! The void seemed to have a flash of thunder and lightning, and the young and old on the opposite side were petrified at once, and then a tremor, which was exciting, with eyes full of eagerness and greedy light. Hand it over! Wang Mang roared. Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't come out again, this scripture will probably change hands and become the study of the town clan of the Wang family! Shi Hao said to the distance. Uh "The old man was startled, but he felt it carefully and found nothing." Really? If it doesn't come out, the scriptures will be lost immediately. "Shi Hao said that he had not found anyone here, but was gambling that since the Wangs had followed him here, there might be other families." Little boy, don't shout, hand in the scriptures quickly, or your life will be worse than death! The old man of the Wang family had a dark look in his eyes and tore off all his disguises. Do not know dead or alive things, but also want to cheat us, you are too naive, this time who can come to save you! Wang Manglong sneered. Suddenly, the void trembled, like ripples of fluctuations spread, someone forcibly broke through the void imprisoned by the old man of the Wang family, so that the prohibition here collapsed. A silver-robed man appeared, his whole body glowing with silver, his whole face covered with silver armor, even his eyes were not exposed, and his breath was strong and abrupt. In order not to destroy the scriptures, we can't sit still. Suddenly, someone opened his mouth in the other direction, and a figure shrouded in black fog came. Then, there is a group of green light emerged, hazy, wrapped in a powerful creature. At this moment, there have been three masters, but not a passer-by, confrontation here, are due to hear the immortal and appear! The old man of the Wangs looked ugly. He didn't think that there were three terrible people in the dark. Even he didn't find them. It was really careless. I only want the scriptures, not the people. Said the man covered in silver armor. The same! "So am I!" The same is true of the other two great powers, both of whom came for the scriptures. Three Taoist friends, this matter is easy to discuss. We can copy four copies of the scriptures, one for each side, and I will kill them! Said the old man of the Wangs. The three masters were silent and did not open their mouths. The old man of the Wangs burst out laughing. "That's settled," he said. Then he turned around and stared at Shi Hao,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, saying, "Little boy, you've caused me trouble. I won't let you die happily!" 。



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