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Yue Qingmei looked up and saw a huge building in front of her. She couldn't help exclaiming, "Is that Ping An Auction House?"? It's much worse than the auction house in Nanshui City. With such an obvious landmark, the four quickly found their way to the auction house, and when they arrived, they found that it was even more spectacular. Ping An Auction House has about 20 floors, which is different from the low-key buildings around it. From the roof to the walls, from the pillars to the floor, all of them reveal two words: rich. Yue Qingmei has some sympathy for the shops nearby, which have no sense of existence against the background of the auction house. No wonder all of them are decorated in such a low-key way. But the world is so impermanent, when she went in and asked the price of the shop inside, Yue Qingmei was a little sympathetic to herself. The auction house in Nanshuicheng is cheap and good, and the auction house in Liucheng is also worth the money in terms of quality, but every price is bright and says that it is not rich to see. Every time after asking the price, Yue Qingmei's heart is only "tut tut", take them all the way to see, and soon come to her destination this time running water goods sales list display counter. There were a lot of people around the counter, and Yue Qingmei managed to squeeze in, only to find that there were almost no low-level items on the list. Yue Qingmei grabbed the boy who passed by her and asked, "Excuse me, I want to buy some iron stones. I had them on the list of Ping An Auction House in Nanshui City before. Why didn't I see them here?" The boy looked her up and down and said,pumpkin seed extract, "The iron stone you want is in the shop next to it, and you can manage as much as you want." Although the boy who spoke was also very polite, it could not be compared with the hospitality of the boy at the South Water City Auction House. Seeing that Yue Qingmei had no other problems, the boy bowed slightly and continued to walk in his original direction. Yue Qingmei is still thinking about the boy's words, so the low-level items that are not on the list are sold in other shops, which sounds like the kind of unlimited, so how can she make money? With the money she has now, she can only buy one of the things with the lowest price on the list. She can't buy them one by one and sell them one by one. Besides,ghana seed extract, there was a process of observing the rules in the private room before. Now, looking at the prices here, she dares not ask about the price of the private room! In this way, the price of the restaurant is actually very conscientious, after all, the real material, taste good. Just as she wanted to go back to the inn, Ye Jin pulled her sleeve and said, "Young master, look over there. Is that thing on the yellow-edged paper the one we picked up on the way here?" Chapter 37 invincible loneliness. Yue Qingmei looked in the direction of Ye Jin's finger, where there was a reward order with a gold foil border on the reward list, and the image on it was indeed a bit like the stone she had picked up to play with. Yue Qingmei, who had been eating chaff cakes on the path before, had swept the mountains around the carriage in order to find food, turmeric extract powder ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, and the stones were found at that time. The whole body of the stone was cream yellow, shining slightly in the sun. She could see it at a glance when she was close to it. When she picked it up and looked at it carefully, she thought it was very beautiful. So she left the stone to play with for a few days. When she was tired of playing, she threw it to Ye Jin and let him put it away. Yue Qingmei said to Ye Jin and Chu Ying, "I'll go and have a look. You can wait for me here." Passing through the crowd, Yue Qingmei approached the reward list and carefully studied the image and the words below. Yinghuangshi? The name and the image are quite consistent, offering a reward of ten thousand taels of silver?! It was not until Yueqingmei took the stone to exchange the silver ticket that she still had a sense of unreality. She thought that she had worked so hard to be a "profiteer" in the auction house every day that she earned only a few thousand taels of silver. Now pick up a stone to have ten thousand, is a windfall ah! What kind of money do you make? What kind of businessman? Just pick up strange things and get rich! After changing the silver ticket, she went back to the reward list and carefully read all the reward orders on it. She really found some familiar items, but they were all collected by Chu Ying in the cave before. Although Yue Qingmei said she had confiscated them, she didn't actually intend to touch his things. Ye Jin, do you remember the way we came? Yue Qingmei wanted to go back and look for any fish that had slipped through the net, but she had been sitting in the carriage since she came out of the cave and did not know the route at all. Ye Jin shook his head, this way, the road is almost the same, the end is relying on the bracelet to guide the direction, and then back really may not be able to find. Yue Qingmei looked at Chu Ying again. Chu Ying shook his head and said, "I don't remember either. When I came here, I just wanted to get into the city quickly. I went wherever Ye Jin pointed. I didn't pay attention to which side I went." Think of the white silver may be so missed, Yue Qingmei some pity, but also did not take to heart, she now has twelve thousand, enough to squander for a long time, do not worry. Rich and confident Yue Qingmei instantly had the mood of shopping again, humming a ditty and taking several people to the city center. It is a pity that there are always some blind thieves wandering around Yueqingmei, which makes her unable to concentrate on the fun of shopping. Coming out of the auction house, this was the seventh wave of people staring at her. Chu Ying went to Yue Qingmei and said, "Master, several people have been educated by me just now. There are still three waves of people. Do you want me to solve them?". Looking at Chu Ying's bloodthirsty and ready to move, she felt that if she really let Chu Ying solve the problem, the effect would be earth-shaking, so she stopped him and said, "No, I have other plans." "Protect Ye Jin." Yue Qingmei said to Chu Ying and took them to a remote place. The deeper she went, the more desolate it became. After making sure that there were no other residents nearby, Yueqingmei stopped and turned around, glancing ahead. She leaned against a big tree lazily, and there was a dead end behind her. Facing the empty place, she seemed to say to herself, "I said, are you tired of following me all the time?" A group of people came out of the corner on the left, and the strong man at the head said, "I know we still dare to go here. The little brother's courage is not small." Another group of people came out of the corner on the right, and the leading simple and honest young man said, "If you know we are following, just hand over the money,fenugreek saponins, and we won't hurt you." The two waves of people on the left and right looked at each other and said at the same time, "Damn, it's you again!" " "We targeted the prey first this time. You pull over." 。



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