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Groom your Emotional Support Dog - 8 useful tips

An ESA animal, as much as it provides benefits to the owner, deserves grooming and proper care from the owner too. An ESA after being recommended by the mental health specialist through an emotional support animal letter makes the life of the owner much easier and relieved too. It not only helps reduce stress but also eliminates the loneliness in a person’s life.

Regular Brushing

One of the key components of grooming your emotional support dog is to brush the coat of the dog regularly. Brushing their coats and furs regularly helps keep the dirt away from them and also removes the dead hair trapped in the fur.

The type of brush that shall be used on a specific dog breed is often recommended by a vet. The vet while looking at the thickness, and type of the coat and also the breed of dog can tell better which brush will be suitable.

Once you get the right brush, remember to not pull the coat too much. Use gentle and small strokes. Do not try to pull out any tangle as it is very hurtful. For removing the tangles either get in contact with a dog hair specialist or get a brush designed specifically to remove tangles from the dog’s coat.

However, many people after they are qualified for the ESA and get the ESA letter, feel worried about how they would take their pets to grooming professionals every now and then. The reality is, if you get your hands on the home grooming regime, your visits to professional groomers can be greatly reduced.

Given below are the 8 key steps and tips that can be used to effectively groom your ESA dog at home.

Regular Exercising

Making exercise a regular part of the dog’s routine is an important tool to groom the overall personality and lifestyle of your ESA dog. This will not only improve their health but will also make them active and energetic for the rest of their day.

If you own an ESA dog, make sure that you regularly walk them. This rejuvenates their energies and helps them socialize too. Walking and exercising sessions also prove to be a good time to train your ESA dogs. Walk with them, jog with them, run with them, do sprints with them, and include them in your own exercise regime too.

Regular Bathing

Just like human beings, dogs also need to be bathed regularly, this will keep them hygienic, clean, and fresh too. Even if your ESA dog does not like to get bathed, start with baby steps, make bathing fun for them, wet them a little, and then proceed with the bathing routine.

The esa letter for housing allows the pets used as ESAs to be kept in houses where otherwise pets are not allowed. This makes them a 24/7 companion of their owners and provides a good chance for home grooming too.

For bathing, use lukewarm water, gently wet the coat of the ESA dog, apply shampoo that is based on natural ingredients, and free from additives, and colors. Lather and massage, starting from the top and going towards the feet. Be gentle around sensitive areas like eyes. Leave the shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse slowly and thoroughly.

Nails Trimming

Many dogs run away from this step of grooming. However, this is a very important one. For trimming the nails, catch your ESA dog when it is in a good mood and looks relaxed. Do not pressurize your ESA dog into trimming the nails. This way they will get even more agitated.

Cut their nails carefully and slowly. Avoid cutting the pink areas in their nails as it contains the nerve endings and blood vessels. Make the process as painless as possible. Cutting nails can help the ESA dog remain safe from issues like fungal infection of the toes.

If your ESA dog is panting, whining, drooling, snapping, or showing other signs of discomfort, leave the process for some other time or change your technique of cutting the dog’s nails.


If the fur of your ESA dog is shedding and needs clipping, then get the right tool for clipping and clip it too. This will help reduce the hair shredding issue and avoid too much tangling too which is painful for dogs.

Cleaning the Ears

Make regular cleaning of ears a part of the grooming regime of your ESA dog. Check their ears thoroughly once every week. For wiping out the external part of the ear, dip a cotton pad in an ear cleansing gel or solution and then wipe them out.

If you see wax, clean it too. But never put the cotton pad or bud inside their ear. If on inspection you find some abnormal redness, swelling, wax, smell, or if your ESA dog is continuously itching its ear, remember, it's time to go to the vet.

Brushing the teeth

Periodontal disease is the most commonly found illness in dogs as well as cats. And the reason is poor oral hygiene. Don’t let your ESA dog become a part of this enormously huge group of affected dogs and cats.

Have a suitable toothbrush and toothpaste, let them smell the toothpaste and get familiar with it, brush on each side of their mouth for at least 30 seconds. If your ESA dog is not comfortable with brushing daily, at least brush on alternate days. Also, get the toothpaste you selected checked by the vet to ensure it is suitable for your ESA dog.

Final touches

Home grooming your ESA dog does not need to be tiring for either of you. Making every part of it fun like providing toys for bathing, playing with them while trimming nails, training while exercising, can make the process enjoyable.

Lastly, make the process as structural, methodical, and organized as possible as it will be convenient for you too to follow a set routine.

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