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For the rest, in case you need more details about the possibility of buying gems with real money, you can check my guide on how to buy in Brawl Stars.


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Tips: Mortis is perhaps the most unorthodox vampire in Brawl Stars. He uses a shovel that requires him to get to melee range in order to deal damage. Though, once he does get in range, it is hard to hit him unless you are quick enough as his attacks are short dashes which makes him real quick and hard to catch. However, his reload time is pretty slow. So if you are playing Mortis, be sure to not spam your attacks dashing around without paying attention to your cooldown. Land enough attacks, you will generate a Super that can deal damage and life leach an opponent. It’s a really cool ability which cuts down on the time you need to heal up completely so you can get into the action as soon as possible. Mortis is strongest when he gets close to anyone with his mediocre HP at 5320 when maxed. However, if his attacks are not used properly, most heroes will be able to take him out especially heroes like Shelly, Bull or El Primo.

Répérez les positions ennemies. Si vous n'en voyez que 2, peut-être que le 3ème est sur le point d'attaquer votre coffre-fort.

Get away!

Before going into the details of the procedure in how to make free gems in Brawl Stars I think you will be interested in knowing more about how you can use this currency within the Supercell title.

Rejoindre un Club ne vous donnera pas de récompense particulière mais vous permettra de faire des parties avec des joueurs sans les avoir dans votre liste d'amis.

His Supers and Gadget are not really something to brag about, however, they do have their usage. His Gadget greatly enhances his innate Super charge ratio, which you can take advantage of, if you need to rush to a fight, and his Fisticuffs Super prolongs his longevity in battles. My personal choice would be Hard Landing, as you can score some extra knock downs from fleeing Brawlers.

As said before, Lou is a chromatic brawler and is, therefore, a very difficult brawler to obtain. Chromatics have a very low obtainment rate. However, it increases with each season from the time the brawler is released. The chances of getting it in a Brawl Box therefore range from 0.12% to 0.5%.

Brawl Stars How To Get Free Gems 2022

4. This final Waddle Dee is gained by jumping into the area's next cannon once you've lit its fuse. Be careful here not to place your stairs over the fuse before lighting it as the flame will extinguish upon contact with the step frame.

Never move in a fixed pattern and always change your movement direction. This will confuse the enemies and they won’t be able to hit you easily.

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8-Bit also has generous health, which means he can take a fair amount of damage before being eliminated. This allows him to get stuck into the battle and collect gems for the team. With his gadget, "Cheat Cartridge," he can instantly teleport back to his turret and take all the gems he has collected with him.

This one won’t work as well against: Dynamike, Pam, Tara, Crow, Leon

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Parents should worry more about gaming chat rooms than about violent content. Video game chat rooms have often been referred to by the New York Times as “hunting grounds” for child predators. Brawls Stars has Clubs, social groups within the game that players can join to chat and join rooms to brawl together. While the chat feature is censored, it can still lead to exposure to profanity and expose your children to people you don’t know who may have bad intentions.

Unlocks Co-op cooking and limit of Cooking bread increases to four loaves.

Published on March 20th, 2022 Updated on March 27th, 2022

Likewise, blocking is also an important strategy to pick up on. Since Brawl Stars is so heavily focused on teamwork, having your teammate’s back is going to be a key component of the game. Pay attention to your teammate’s health bar and then, if you can, position yourself between the enemy and your teammate to take the brunt of the damage. This can be very useful for keeping your teammates alive throughout the match, especially in Gem Grab, where you’ll want to stay alive as long as possible.

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Whenever you want to check a bush, make sure to keep some distance, as an enemy Brawler could be hiding in there to get the jump on you. It’s best to keep a safe distance until you’re sure the bush is safe, unless you want to get ambushed by an enemy who might already have Power cubes in his or her possession. And if you’re playing a close-range Brawler, I’d recommend you just steer clear of the bushes entirely.

Doing all of these things together will enable you to reach new heights in terms of brawlers and strengths as fast as possible.

Brawl Stars Hack Mod Apk 2022 Download Latest Version

If you spot one or more players using ED, then my suggestion is to lay low, camp out near the borders, and wait for them to go full Rambo on each other. When the dust settles, go out and finish off the survivors. It might feel like a coward’s approach, but when facing a bunch of enemies on steroids, it’s best to play smart.

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So that's it for the Brawl Stars Brawl mode tips, techniques, and strategies.

La connaissance des brawlers a plusieurs intérêts :

Let’s use a practical example: Crow. When playing Crow in a match, it’s very common to see players choosing the Carrion Crow star power, as it is very flashy and effective. I mean, it deals over 152 damage with its main attack when the enemy is below 50% HP, and the poison deals extra damage, which is pretty deadly.

4. You need to install a private server app in your device.

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In all these boxes there is a 10% probability, approximately, that we touch gems. The biggest difference is that the brawl boxes will give us, when they appear, up to 5 gems free of charge while large boxes can give us a maximum of 15 gems. In the case of the megabox, which is the most important of the battle royale Brawl Stars, they can give us up to 25 gems in a single opening.

Edgar’s whole kit screams ‘solo player’. A lone wolf by nature, this boy with an attitude shines in maps and modes that require the least teamplay possible. The latest event, the Duo Challenge, found him dominating the early stages, but Edgar players had a hard time keeping their streak alive when reached a later point, with more thoughtful teams to deal with. This is due to this Brawler’s nature, who as I mentioned, doesn’t synergy well with other characters in the game. Being able to win a lot of early matches, was purely because the teams faced, weren’t particularly planned.

Brawl Stars is one of those games that is hard to put down. There are hundreds of maps, over 30 playable characters, and several game types to choose from. To add to the pleasure, the maps and game styles rotate every 24 hours, keeping you interested. If that isn't enough, Supercell is now in season two of their Brawl Pass, so now is a fantastic opportunity to snag some free goodies.

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🟦Supercool efficiency decreased by 35% and added to Lou’s base kit

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Can You Hack In Brawl Stars

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After the successful activation of the gadget, Na-ah!, each basic attack and skill deals +1000 damage. This gadget is another reason why Colette is popular and preferred. You would always want to deal extra damage when sniping the enemy from a long distance and this gadget absolutely rewards you for your aim and precision.

Did you find this Brawl Stars Payload Guide useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

auto-aiming is also good it just depends on how you use that, when you are near the heist and you need damage within a second it can be hard to aim manually but it is easy to auto-aim, also in siege Ikea bot hits you when you are in the enemy Ikea area, low health brawlers like a crow or dynamike can barely get out of the area without dying, but they are great in hitting massive damage, so auto-aiming there can be a great idea.

Brawl Stars is a game by Supercell, the developer that brought us the popular Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The game has been out since June 2018 and we’ve got our hands on it enough to bring you guys some tips and guides on each Brawler – of who are they strong or weak against. Of course, this is also highly dependent on the play-style and also maps which we will have a guide for later. For now, let’s take a look at the general idea of what you need to know about your Brawler.


Believe it or not, Months ago, I thought Barley sucked. He didn’t even reach the top 50%! I think he’s underwhelming before as Dynamike is way too overpowered.

Unfortunately, you can’t. Supercell is providing online server. So you cannot mod or hack any type of games that developed by Supercell. If you use the Lucky Patcher app, then you will get ban from this game server.

Brawl Stars Hack-Free Gems And Coins Generator

There’s a happy ending to this story, though, and that’s the fact that you can get Power Points for free too.

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That about wraps up this Power League 101 guide. What are your thoughts on the state of Power League? Do you have any additional tips you’d like to share? Let us know your thoughts and more in the Brawl News Discord server!

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