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After hanging up the phone, Yang Ming said with a smile: "Someone invited me to dinner, I want to go there, if there is anything, you can call me again." Said Yang Ming went out, after Yang Ming went out, Liu Xu said to his niece Liu Xiaoyun: "Xiao Yun, I think this man is good, if you can marry such a man, that would be great." Liu Xiaoyun said with a smile, "I know this man is good, but he already has a girlfriend. His girlfriend is still my best friend. I can't rob a man with my best friend." "They're not married yet. What are you afraid of if you rob them?" Said the catkins. No, I can't do that. It's immoral. Liu Xiaoyun asked. Catkin says: "You this person is really, you look at me, I am not to rob your uncle, at that time he also is to talk about a friend with my little sister!" Liu Xiaoyun really knew about this. When her aunt saw that her best friend's boyfriend was handsome, she pried him. It was said that her best friend was angry for several years! But Liu Xiaoyun really can't do such a thing, she can like Yang Ming, but she will never affect Yang Yan's happiness. If there is a chance, Liu Xiaoyun would rather be Yang Ming's lover, but will not let Yang Yan know. After Yang Ming arrived at the hotel, Zhou Hai and Sun Lao had already arrived. Zhou Qiuyun also arrived today. The waiter took Yang Ming to the room. Yang Ming said with a smile, "You came so early." The three of them all stood up and asked Yang Ming to sit in the right position inside. Generally,collapsible bulk containers, they were fastidious about eating, and the right position was made for the elders. Of course, if there is a leader, it is for the leader to sit, anyway, it is for the important person to sit, and it is the most respected person to sit. Yang Ming said with a smile, "You are all seniors. I will not sit inside. I will sit outside with beautiful women." "Yes,drum spill pallet, let the great doctor sit in front of me." Zhou Qiuyun said. Yang Ming said with a smile, "Yes, I'd better sit in front of the young people. Don't let me sit inside, because if I sit inside, I will feel uncomfortable all over." Since Yang Ming did not want to sit inside, we are no longer reluctant, Yang Ming sat down, the waiter also let them order. Zhou Hai asked Yang Ming to order, and Yang Ming was reluctant to order, so he let them order casually. Yang Ming did not want to order, Sun Lao naturally did not want to, Sun Lao said with a smile: "You two order it, Yang Ming is not willing to order, I certainly do not order." Seeing that the two doctors were unwilling to order, Zhou Hai cured himself and ordered some dishes, and then asked his daughter to order some dishes. After they ordered the food, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet containers, they ordered another case of beer. Yang Ming said with a smile, "Why do you order so much beer? Just a few of us can't finish so much beer." Then the waiter said, "If you can't finish the beer, you can return it. It's all right." Yang Ming said with a smile, "It doesn't matter if you can return it. You can move as much as you want." Chapter 1233 of the main text: Ask the director for help. Four people drink together, of course, Zhou Qiuyun drank less, she just took a sip at a time, Yang Ming and Zhou Hai as long as the end up, a glass of wine dry. Because Sun Lao is old, he only drinks half at a time, which is half less than Yang Ming. Several people chatted happily and time passed quickly. Yang Ming said with a smile, "Director Zhou, do you know what happened to your daughter?" "All I know is that you cured my daughter. To be honest, I really don't know what happened." Zhou Hai said with a smile. In fact, you work in the education department. You may not believe some things. Your daughter actually met a ghost, that is, out of fright. Yang Ming said, "People have three souls and six souls, and they are easy to faint after being frightened." "Although I am engaged in education, I also believe in it, because when I was a child, my grandfather had passed away for a week, and I even saw my grandfather in front of my house," Zhou said. Old Sun said to one side, "Is it true? It is said that some people can see ghosts, and some people can't see ghosts all their lives.". ” Yang Ming said with a smile, "Yes, some people can see ghosts. Such people are called four eyes. They can see ghosts. Some children can see ghosts, but they may not be able to see them when they grow up." Zhou Qiuyun said, "What you said is very reasonable. It's true. I'm really scared." Zhou Qiuyun said: "When I was sleeping at night, I opened my eyes and found a pair of eyes looking at me. I thought I was dazzled, but I rubbed my eyes and could still see a pair of eyes looking at me. At that time, I was frightened. I wanted to shout but couldn't make a sound. I wanted to turn on the light but couldn't move. It was a kind of fear, the fear of my scalp tingling." Zhou Hai said, "Qiu Yun, did you not wake up at all? You just dreamed about it in your dream." "It's definitely not a dream," said Zhou Qiuyun. "I can hear the sound of the TV you play next door, singing or singing the river flowing eastward." Zhou Hai said, "That seems to be true. You really met a ghost." Yang Ming said, "Yes, I can see it. This ghost is not a bad ghost. It's your mother's ghost. She came to see her granddaughter." "Since it was my mother who came, how could she frighten my daughter, who was her eldest granddaughter?" Zhou Hai didn't quite understand what was going on. Yang Ming said with a smile: "Ghosts and people have different ideas. When ghosts come to see their families, they are close to their families. But when family members see ghosts, they are afraid. Another problem is that as long as ghosts touch their relatives, their relatives will definitely get sick." "So what now?" Zhou Hai asked, "What if my mother comes again?" "You go to your mother's grave, burn some paper money for her, and then tell your mother clearly that she will not come to see you in the future,collapsible pallet box, and tell her directly that her granddaughter is ill this time," Yang said. Zhou Qiuyun said, "Is that so that I won't meet a ghost in the future?" 。



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