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It’s okay to play against players with higher trophies, but don’t go too far. You should keep your strategy simple and use the best strategies to beat other players. Remember that not all of the strategies will work, so you need to think before you play. You also need to play Clash Royale well. Try to learn from your mistakes and try to improve every time you play.

Aim for an average elixir cost. The most effective decks are 3.0-4.0 in average elixir cost (AEC). There are good decks higher or lower than that. Cheaper decks are faster but have more fragile troops. Heavy decks have a slower playstyle and are usually Beatdown decks.

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YES. Clash Royale claims match-making is random but is not at all. I have been playing clash royale for now for more than 4 years. My trophies are in the range 5300–5600, profile tag #2GG9QL0VG.

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There are several different skeleton troops and all but the giant skeleton are very weak, die fast and are susceptible to arrow attacks. That said, skeletons are a great distraction to wreak havoc before sending in a bigger attack troop to deal heavy damage. An army of Skeletons is a great card at first, and lately it gets better the further you go. They are deadly when paired with Miner and are a great defense.

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So I'm a level 8 at arena 10 ( I had a 2nd account long before so it probably explains why I'm at arena 10 when I'm just lvl 8, you can have my second account if you want, arena 11 lvl 9) so trust me when I say these tactics work:

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Place an ice spirit behind the approaching goblin gang to save yourself from extra hits.

So, Today I’ve shared Clash Royale Free Gems Generator with you.

If it's been 48 hours and still nothing has happened, please contact Apple or Google directly for more information.

You just have to copy code and redeem it. That’s it!

There are a total of 240 chests, and during the training, players get six wooden chests.

The Prince – a card often used by many players – is weak to the Skeleton Army, as he’ll be swarmed by it and dead within seconds. If you find yourself against a few princes, stick the undead horde in your deck. However, the Skeleton Army can easily be killed with projectiles like the arrow barrage or fireball, so make sure you are prepared for this.

Fewest Cards that are common. Players can get Rare, Epic or even Legendary Cards but they are extremely rare.

What is the most effective beatdown deck?

There is a legitimate hacker in the game right now. The dude's api shows nothing but 3 crowns, and his pb prior to this season was at about 6k. The fact that someone has figured out how to hack the game really scares me

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One common mistake made by all beginners is the placements of Pekka.

The first hand of cards you get is dealt completely randomly. If you get a good hand with decent cards that can be used effectively then you are lucky, however, if you’re dealt a bad hand then it doesn’t mean that you lose instantly. You can still pull off a win if you keep your cool and play defensively. When the hand dealt is not ideal then switch to a defensive gameplay style to keep the enemy at bay until you get access to your stronger cards.

If you want to maximize the damage, it’ll be beneficial to clone at low hitpoint units

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Being patient also allows you to earn more elixir, which can be very helpful if your deck is built with high-cost cards. Being patient also makes your opponents keep on guessing your strategy and allows you to counter them easily.

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This strategy gives you two extra card slots for cards of your choice, which could be a faster or hard-hitting troop, such as a Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Dark Prince or Hog Rider, or another card that falls under the categories above. It's entirely dependant on whatever strategy you want to try out, or which cards you prefer to play with.

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Holy shit. I came across one of the hackers or whatever in a 2v2 earlier today. I literally almost pissed myself

Every card in the game either has a counter, or comes at a high enough cost that it can only be used in certain situations. This is true for most units; countering spells is tough, but they’re also only supplemental abilities and limit the number of units and attack vectors that a player has. That’s not to say that everything is perfectly balanced, but that nothing in Clash Royale is an instant-win trump card.

There are many mod downloading sites for Android modded APKs and iOS mods that claim to offer ‘mod money’ for Clash Royale. – These mods are all fake and there are no mods for unlimited free gems / crystals, infinite free gold / coins /money, unlimited XP, unlocking and maxing all cards, free chests, free in-app purchases, god modes, damage hacks, unlimited elixir / mana, infinite trophies, stat hacks or similar cheats. As already mentioned multiple times: All your account data is stored server-side on the game servers and these servers cannot be manipulated or changed using any tools which includes any online ‘generators’. Only the developers of the game can mess with the game servers. Client-side modifications cannot give you any in-game money cheats. The best you can do is run an automated playing app (bot) to farm these resources slowly over time.

Sometimes rushing an attack with multiple troops and starting hard can overwhelm the enemy. And when that happens, it's good. However, good players will do what we mentioned above and defend, then counterattack with a solid attack and destroy a tower. Using too many forces at the same time can leave you behind. Be smart with what you do. Think for a while and be precise with every move. Don't just use the card in your hand. Think about it, make good use of Elixir and build an advantage.

The Cannon is cheap (3 elixir), so you can use it to kill Hog Riders and defend small pushes. Tesla is like a cannon that targets air.

You want good variety when the changes come, but some troops at the start are just not worth upgrading, and it will slow down your progression. Upgrade the cards you use the most for a stronger and more capable army. Be careful not to overestimate a card that looks weak, as you never know when an upgrade will make it less useful.

There are plenty of events in Clash Royale that can get you free gems but not enough to do something extraordinary in the game in order to compete early with others. Such as gem rush, which can get you 250 gems and the free gems in the stores. But It is clear you mean massive amounts of gems. I

You don't need legendaries in a deck unless it is the win condition, such as lava hound or graveyard. You can replace Princess with Fire Spirits, Archers, Baby Dragon, or Spear Goblins. You can replace Ice wizard with the same as above. Replace log with zap or arrows. Replace lumberjack with rage or mini pekka. Replace inferno dragon with minions. minion horde, or baby dragon. Miner can be swapped with knight or hog. Electro wizard can be switched with musketeer or archers.

Attacking is fun – let’s admit it, it’s great to be on the offensive and firing away against your opponents. But then again, defense isn’t just equally important, but arguably more important – it’s pretty much like it is in sports, where the old adage tells you that the best offense is a good defense. Make sure you’ve got your defense down while you’re attacking; don’t make the mistake of focusing solely on their towers, because protecting yours is even more important.

Un deck un peu plus coûteux que le précédent et qui a un meilleur potentiel late avec une moyenne de 4,3 unités d'élixir. Il s'agit d'un deck très polyvalent que nous recommandons aux joueurs expérimentés.

There are many tips you can follow to enjoy this game. The best trick is to use Clash Royale MOD APK. You will get unlimited money and gems in the game.

The purple spell "Rage" increases speed, movement and damage to destroy your enemy. Drop a giant or a giant skeleton, wait a few seconds and unleash the fury. He will quickly reach their base and destroy it. Use in a Balloon and see the results. Now that Rage is a card that only consumes 2 Elixirs, it's not as risky as before, use it on a balloon and your game will be over if you make it to the tower.

Making the opponent’s deck expensive is a great way to get advantages in the draft challenge. Always try to give the higher elixir costing cards to your opponent. It may include good tanky cards but if you manage to set their average elixir cost between 5-6 then it will be hard for your opponent to cycle the cards and you can easily take one or two crown towers by spamming low elixir costing good cards. But it will be hard to counter high elixir costing decks during 2x or 3x elixir periods since the elixir producing rate will remain higher at that time so be aware.

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While it can be tempting to fill your deck with all of the best cards can often cost a lot. It’s no good having to wait ages before you can deploy anything on the battlefield, as your opponent will be flinging everything they have at you before you have a chance to defend or even plan an attack of your own.

If you are new to Clash Royale, you should check out the FAQ section. There are a few questions that are asked frequently. Some of them are about the cheat codes, the rules and regulations for the game, etc. The FAQs are very helpful and they answer all of your questions in an easy-to-understand way. You can check the FAQ section at any time.

We don't process payments for in-app purchases, nor do we have access to any of your payment information. That's because the payment transactions themselves are completed through Apple's App Store or Google Play (depending on your device) via your personal email address associated with that account. Receipts for these transactions are emailed to you by Apple or Google after each purchase (though please note that any post-purchase processes are controlled by Apple or Google and are subject to change by them).

Clash Royale Hack On Ios

As things are right now, Android has a bigger user base and a lot more developers that iOS, but cheats do exist for both versions of the game. It’s a Supercell game and therefore is quite popular and will have a lot of hacks and bots developed for it. However, hacked APKs and android automated scrips are usually available a lot earlier. – If you do not own any Android gaming devices and still want to switch for cheating purposes, there are a great many Android emulators that you can install on your Windows PC or Mac PC and they usually come with very simple ways of rooting the OS at the push of a button as well, making the installation of mods and tolls trivial.

Hey bro...i really appreciate ur strategy.... I'm too using this strategy...i want a id....u said u can give ur 2nd id....i want that .... atleast give me to use it me....u can take it back whenever you want...i just want to play much... I'm on arena 10 ...plzzzzzzzzzzzz


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